Flo A. Gabriel is a multi-medium visual and craft artist whose work expands the genres of oil painting, pencil art, illustration, textile and fabric art, antique restoration, and woodworking.  Though Flo is primarily self-taught, she has spent the last 25 years studying under many fine artists based in her hometown of Austin, Texas. Deeply inspired by West African art history and by surrealism, she creates intricate works meant to challenge conventional understandings of purpose and beauty.

Click each image to view larger.  Watermark is for display purposes only and is not overlaid on printed works. Contact the artist to purchase prints.

Owl-le-lu-jah, 2012
Pencil on Canvas Paper
Hope, 2016
Pencil on Canvas Paper
Remembering Gypsy, 2012
Pencil on Canvas Paper

Contact Flo A. Gabriel for purchases, commissions, exhibition opportunities, or general information.

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